lighthouse Svaneke

Lighthouse Svaneke in September 2003. The square tower of sandstone stands at the peninsula Sandkås Odde near Svaneke, the northeastern tip of Bornholm. Some metres away to the north (short before the harbour) stands the rear light Svaneke.

(worked from January 15th 1920 till August 2010, electrified 1947, height of building 18 m, height of fire 20 m, range of light 19 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 20s] two flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: C 2530)
[ 0.9 - (3.1s) - 0.9s - (15.1s) ]
coordinates (GPS) : 5507'54.3''N - 1509'09.5''E

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