lighthouse Faludden (Gotland)

Lighthouse Faludden (Gotland) in September 2003, standing on prohibited military area. Colossally big warning signs with red crossed pictograms are saying: Do not throw neither shoes nor cameras at this premise ;-))
But seriously: In Sweden lighthouses very often are located in military areas. Lets no catching by taking a photo!

lighthouse Faludden (Gotland)
(worked from 1867 till 2009, electrified 1946, height of building 11.3 m, height of fire 12.5 m, range of light white 17 sm, characteristic [Oc(3) WR 15s] three occultations every fifteen seconds, int. No.: C 7204)
coordinates (GPS) : 5659'43.7''N - 1823'47.6''E
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