lighthouse Stenkyrkehuk (Gotland)

Lighthouse Stenkyrkehuk (Gotland) in September 2003. It is found at the end of a nearly endless crushed rock way. It stands at the wooded steep bank on private ground. It's not so easy to take a good photo.

(works since 1885, height of building 15 m, height of fire 41.9 m, range of light white 10.5 sm - red 7.8 sm - green 6.6 sm, characteristic [Oc(2) WRG 12s] two occultations every twelve seconds, Int. Nr.: C 7246)
[ 6s - (2s) - 2s - (2s) ]
coordinates (GPS) : 5749'04.8''N - 1827'38.6''E
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