lighthouse Nieuw Haamstede

Lighthouse Nieuw Haamstede (West-Schouwen) in June 2004. Standing at the entry to the lighthouses real estate the lighthouse isn't to be seen. But if going into the dunes the lighthouse is wonderful visible. This beautiful lighthouse has the same destiny like the German rear light Tinsdal: it stands in the middle of real estates their inhabitants fence in their riches with barbed wire.

lighthouse Nieuw Haamstede
(works since 1840, height of building 50 m, height of fire 58 m, range of light white 30 sm, characteristic [Fl(2+1) W 15s] group of three flashes every fifteen seconds, int. No.: B 0500)
coordinates (GPS) : 5142'31.4''N - 0341'31.1''E
map Netherlands