lighthouse Blankenberge

Lighthouse Blankenberge in June 2004. Directly beside it a part of the famous ill-famed Belgian multistoried building line begins respectively ends. We deliberate chose positions for taking photographs, which don't show this "Atlantic wall". The lighthouse stands directly beside the entry to the harbour with the booth pier lights. The buiding at the base of the lighthouse is a small museum.

lighthouse Blankenberge
(works since 1952, height of fire 32.4 m, range of light white 12 sm, characteristic [Fl(2) W 8s] two flashes every eight seconds, int. No.: B 0112)
coordinates (GPS) : 5118'45.3''N - 0306'53.3''E
stamp lighthouse Blankenberge
Lighthouse Blankenberge
at a stamp from 2006.
map Belgium