lighthouse De Ven

Lighthouse De Ven in April 2005. It stands about four kilometres north of the town Enkhuizen at the IJssel Sea. In 1700 the town of Amsterdam built three lighthouses along the shipping route from the North Sea to the mouth of the river IJ: De Ven, Marken and Hoek van 't IJ. Only the lighthouse De Ven is still working. In 1819 the tower burnt out and in 1834 it got a restoration.

(works since 1700, height of building 15 m, height of fire 17 m, range of light white 11 sm - red 8 sm, characteristic [LFl WR 10s] one longer flash every ten seconds)
[ 2.5s - (7.5s) ]
coordinates (GPS) : 5244'31.1''N - 0516'55.7''E
map Netherlands