lighthouse Schiermonnikoog

Red lighthouse Schiermonnikoog in April 2005, also called "Noordertoren" or "Buitentoren". To give the island an unique identification, two identical lighthouses were built in 1853. On both towers a fixed light burnt. In 1911 the red lighthouse got a new optic, a rotating one, and the white lighthouse, standing deeper in the island, was closed. The twelve windows of the observing room below the gallery were inserted in 1951.

(works since 1854, height of building 34 m, height of fire 44 m, range of light white 28 sm, characteristic [Fl(4) W 20s] four flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: B 0938)
coordinates (GPS) : 5329'12.1''N - 0608'47.3''E
map Netherlands