lighthouse Falsterbo

Lighthouse Falsterbo in June 2005. The tower of bricks stands at southeastern tip of Sweden, middle in a good frequented golf course directly by tee 15. That's why: take care and duck!
The lighthouse was taken out of operation in 1990, but in 1993 it was lit again. Fortunately, because of Falsterbo is the oldest known beacon/lighthouse site in Scandinavia. The lighthouse replaced in 1796 the charcoal-fired tilting light. Since 1935 the tower is a listed building.

(works since 1796 - from 1935 electrified - from 1973 automated, height of building 25 m, height of fire 23.8 m, range of light white 10 sm, int. No.: C 2416)
coordinates (GPS): 5523'01.4''N - 1248'57.8''E
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