lighthouse Morups Tånge

Lighthouse Morups Tånge in June 2007, situated about 10 kilometres north of Falkenberg at the Swedish west coast. The weather was not so fine this day, very strong rain, and so the photos are not so good. And we had no fun to watch the surrounding of the lighthouse. The lighthouse stands on private ground in a bird protection zone. But visitors are welcome. By the way, until 1906 the lighthouse had two red stripes, after this time it was painted with a black one.

(works since November 1st 1843, electrified 1931, height of tower 28 m, height of fire 29 m, range of light white 18 sm - red 15 sm - green 13 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 8s] one occultation every eight seconds, int. No.: C 0716)
coordinates (GPS) : 5655'23.9''N - 1221'34.5''E
map Sweden