lighthouse Stavik

Lighthouse Stavik (Staviken) in June 2007. It stands at the northwest shore of the Vänern lake, about 12 kilometres away from Bro, a village situated at the street 45. We had some difficulties to find the lighthouse near S Ny because there are many many ways to summer cottages. With the help of the GPS we found the lighthouse and a wonderful surrounding too.
You can stay here over night, contact Gunno.

lighthouse Stavik
(works since 1860, electrified in 1952, height of tower 13.2 m, height of fire 15 m, range of light white 13.5 sm - red 10 sm, characteristic [Fl WR 5s] one flash every five seconds, int. No.: C 6798)
coordinates (GPS): 5910'11.4''N - 1309'32.6''E
map Sweden