lighthouse Ponta do Altar

Lighthouse Ponta do Altar in February 2008. It is situated at the east side of the mouth of the river Arade into the Atlantic Ocean, at the other side is the town Portimão. From the cape Ponta do Altar there is a beautiful view to the mouth of the river with both piers. The buildings of the tourist centres don't reached the cape yet, that's why there is the whole beauty of the wunderful landscape of Portugal liveable.

lighthouse Ponta do Altar
(Works since January 1st, 1893, height of building 10 m, height of fire 32 m, range of light white 16 sm, characteristic [LFl W 5s] one longer flash every five seconds, int. No.: D 2178)
[ 2s - (3s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 3706'20.5''N - 0831'10.4''W
lighthouse Ponta do Altar
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