lighthouse Ponta da Piedade

The lighthouse Ponta da Piedade, this picture was taken in February 2008, stands at a tip in the south of Lagos. Because of rare ground there had to be destroyed a church for the building of the lighthouse. Near the lighthouse a stair exists to get down to the sea level in this karst surrounding.

lighthouse Ponta da Piedade
(Works since July 1st, 1913, 1998 automated, height of building 5 m, height of fire 51 m, range of light white 20 sm, characteristic [Fl W 7s] one flash every seven seconds, int. No.: D 2174)
[ 1s - (6s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 3704'48.4''N - 0840'10.7''W
lighthouse Ponta da Piedade
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