lighthouse Niechorze

Lighthouse Niechorze in May 2008. And once again bad luck: the top of the lighthouse is under construction. That's why the lighthouse can't be visited till June 7th 2008. But then it will be possible again to climb up the 200 stairs to the top and the gallery. From there is one of the most beautiful views at the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The two-store building of the lighthouse was modeled on Świnoujście's lighthouse of red bricks. The top of the lighthouse was destroyed in 1945 by Soviet artillery. After World War II the lighthouse was rebuilt faithfully according to old blueprints.

(works since 1866, 1920 electrified, height of building 45 m, height of fire 63 m, range of light white 20 sm, characteristic [Fl W 10s] one flash (0.5s) every ten seconds, int. No.: C 2904)
coordinates (GPS): 54°05'39.7''N - 15°03'50.2''E
map Poland