lighthouse Ko這brzeg

Lighthouse Ko這brzeg (Kolberg) in May 2008. It stands directly by the promenade of the health resort, at the eastern side of the mouth of the river Pars皻a which is marked by two pier lights.
The lighthouse is part of an old Fort, the Fort Münde. The first lighthouse on this place was built in 1899 on the earthwork next to the fort. After 10 years later it was replaced with a new one, which was destroyed during World War II. That's why a new lighthouse was built in 1945, this time on the alignment of the fort. The lighthouse can be visited and it is also a memorial of World War II. Some inscriptions at the lighthouse, like "1939 - 1945" tell of it.

lighthouse Ko這brzeg
(works since 1945, height of building 26 m, height of fire 33 m, range of light white 16 sm, characteristic [Fl W 3s] one flash (1s) every three seconds, int. No.: C 2906)
coordinates (GPS): 5411'10.8''N - 1533'16.2''E
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