lighthouse Jarosławiec

Lighthouse Jarosławiec in May 2008. The lighthouse is situated in the centre of the village, opposite the school, about 400 metres away from the coast. It can also be visited. These photos without people on the gallery could be taken only in the later afternoon, when the tower is already closed.

lighthouse Jarosławiec
(works since Juli 1st 1838, height of building 33.3 m, height of fire 50 m, range of light white 23 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 9s] two flashes every nine seconds, int. No.: C 2926)
[ 0.5s - (2s) - 0.5s - (6s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 54°32'22.5''N - 16°32'32.1''E
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