lighthouse Hafnarnes

Lighthouse Hafnarnes (Hafnarnesviti við Fáskrúðsfjörð) in June 2008. Coming from Egilsstaðir, we have gone the road 92 to the south. Shortly before the end of the Reyðarfjörður the road 96 turns to the right. We followed this road and reached the Fáskrúðsfjördur by a tunnel. There the road 96 is at the south side of the fiord. Shortly before the street describes a 90 curve into direction southwest the lighthouse stands left from the street.
The heap of stones beside the lighthouse carried once also a light equipment. This old lighthouse was built in 1912.

lighthouse Hafnarnes
(works since 1938, 1988 electrified, height of building 6.5 m, height of fire 16 m, range of light white 12 sm - red 9 sm - green 9 sm, characteristic [Fl WRG 20s] one flash every twenty seconds, int. No.: L 4738)
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