lighthouse Æðarsteinn

Lighthouse Æðarsteinn (Æðarsteinsviti) in June 2008. The lighthouse is located northwesterly from Djúpivogur. We turned off from the ring road into a little cul-de-sac, which leads to a disposal station or storage place and came closer to the lighthouse. But also here the bad weather kept us from reaching the lighthouse.
The lighthouse was painted yellow-orange only in 1966, before it it was white with two horizontal red stripes.

(works since 1922, 1987 electrified, height of building 5.5 m, height of fire 12 m, range of light white 11 sm - red 9 sm - green 9 sm, characteristic [Fl WRG 5s] one flash every five seconds, int. No.: L 4754)
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