lighthouse Gerðistangi

Lighthouse Gerðistangi (Gerðistangaviti) in June 2008. One can find the lighthouse on the way from Reykjavík to Keflavík. The street 41 has to be leave to the right, turn into street 420 and follow this street till the lighthouse is visible. But take care! Rapacious broad coastal terns have their brood area here and populate in masses the street. There are even official warning signs.
Near the lighthouse we turned off our car and went by foot across country through a lava field into direction to the coast, the lighthouse always as a signpost. The horses grazing there could not be disturbed by us.

lighthouse Gerðistangi
(works since 1919, height of building 10.5 m, height of fire 11 m, range of light white 6 sm - red 4 sm - green 4 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) WRG 10s] two flashes every ten seconds, int. No.: L 4494)
coordinates (GPS): 6400'44.7''N - 2221'06.7''W
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