lighthouse Hólmsberg

Lighthouse Hólmsberg (Hólmsbergsviti) in June 2008. This lighthouse is located to the north of Keflavík on the edge of a gigantic waste disposal plant. So always drive behind the dustcars! Should none be there, drive the road 45 into direction Garður and turn to the right to the dump.
The windows once available about the door were bricked up. However, they are still to be seen on looking more carefully.

(works since February 25th 1958, height of building 13 m, height of fire 35 m, range of light white 16 sm - red 12 sm - green 12 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) WRG 20s] two flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: L 4483)
coordinates (GPS): 6401'49.0''N - 2233'25.3''W
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