lighthouse Garðskagi

Lighthouse Garðskagi (Garðskagaviti) in June 2008. It stands in the extreme northwest of the peninsula Reykjanes near Garður. Garður can be reached from Reykjavik over the roads 41, 46 and 45 and in Garður always straight ahead - the lighthouse is already visible from a long distance.
The new lighthouse in Garðskagi had to be built, because the sea approached on and on to the old lighthouse and threatened to destroy it. The lighthouse is the highest one in Iceland. The new lighthouse took over the optics from the old one, only the energy source was changed from gas on electricity.

(works since September 10th 1944, height of building 28.6 m,
height of fire 29 m, range of light white 15 sm, characteristic [Fl W 5s] one flash every ten seconds,
height of fire 24 m, range of light white 10 sm, characteristic [F WRG] continuous light,
int. No.: L 4480)
coordinates (GPS): 6404'55.0''N - 2241'23.8''W
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