lighthouse Sandgerði

Lighthouse Sandgerði (Sandgerðisviti) in June 2008. Sandgerði is located in the northwest of Keflavík on the peninsula Reykjanes. The lighthouse stands near the harbour. The lighthouse was increased in 1945 by 10 m, to stand out from the surrounding buildings even more. Till 1961 it was painted white, then yellow, afterwards yellow with a vertical black stripe and then yellow again.

(works since 1921, height of building 19 m, height of fire 22 m, range of light white 15 sm - red 13 sm - green 13 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 6s] one occultation every six seconds, int. No.: L 4476)
coordinates (GPS): 6402'23.9''N - 2242'50.7''W
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