lighthouse Stafnes

Lighthouse Stafnes (Stafnesviti) in June 2008. Stafnes is located in the west of Keflavík, but one has to go via Sandgerði in the north to reach the small town. By the way, there is a road in the south of Keflavík to Stafnes. But this road isn't still marked in no map and it isn't so really recommendable to use it, because it is a mainly execrable gravel road.

(works since 1925, height of building 11.5 m, height of fire 13 m, range of light white 12 sm - red 12 sm, characteristic [Fl (3) WR 15s] three flashes every fifteen seconds, int. No.: L 4472)
coordinates (GPS): 6358'15.5''N - 2245'08.5''W
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