lighthouse Reykjanes

Lighthouse Reykjanes (Reykjanesviti) in June 2008. It is located in the extreme southwest of the peninsula of Reykjanes and the way over the roads 43 (via Grindavík) or 44 and 425 leads by a weird, uncanny lava scenery which gets even uncannier and more lonesome shortly before the coast. The lighthouse is already to be seen from a wide distance because it stands raised on an old volcano cone.
The first lighthouse at this point worked since 1st December, 1878. It was 6.2 m high und had a height of fire of 54 m. It was sprinkled on the 16th April, 1908.

lighthouse Reykjanes
(works since March 20th, 1908, 1957 electrified, height of building 31 m, height of fire 69 m, range of light white 22 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 30s] two flashes every thirty seconds, int. No.: L 4466)
coordinates (GPS): 6348'56.5''N - 2242'16.1''W
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