lighthouse Skarð

Lighthouse Skarð (Skarðsviti) in June 2008. It is located on the peninsula Vatnsnes in the north of Iceland, to the north of Hvammstangi. To reach it, one must leave the ring road to the north of Laugarbakki and turn on the street 72. Behind Hvammstangi the road goes on as a gravel road, however, it is well practicable with normal passenger car. The lighthouse is good to be seen from the road. We parked our car on a little parking place south of the lighthouse. Just next to the parking place a path to interesting stone formations on the beach is signposted. We have crossed the sheep fences via this way and then we went across the country down to the lighthouse. There also should be another way to the lighthouse from the farms in the north.

(works since 1951, height of building 14 m, height of fire 53 m, range of light white 16 sm - red 12 sm - green 12 sm, characteristic [Fl (3) WRG 30s] three flashes every thirty seconds, int. No.: L 4628)
coordinates (GPS): 6529'08.4''N - 2059'14.1''W
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