lighthouse Straumnes

Lighthouse Straumnes (Straumnesviti í Sléttuhlíð) in June 2008. It is located in the north of Hofsós at the Skagafjörður. To reach it, one leaves the ring road best of all to the east of Varmahlið and turns on the road 76. Just before the road 76 turns to the east, the lighthouse stands in a distance of some kilometres on a high-level shore, good to be seen from the road. The last part to the lighthouse is better to go by foot. We have parked our car at the road and walked along the existing way to the lighthouse with some detours among the hilly meadows.

lighthouse Straumnes
(works since 1942, height of building 8 m, height of fire 20 m, range of light white 10 sm - red 8 sm - green 8 sm, characteristic [Fl WRG 6s] one flash every six seconds, int. No.: L 4650)
coordinates (GPS): 6604'37.9''N - 1921'15.5''W
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