lighthouse Hegranes

Lighthouse Hegranes (Hegranesviti) in June 2008. It is located on the peninsula of Landsendi at the end of the Skagafjörður, to the west of Sauðárkrokur in the north of Iceland. From the road 75 a path leads to the lighthouse, closed for cars. So again approx. 2 kilometres walking. Nevertheless, at the tip of the peninsula a fantastic view over the fiord and the mountains compensates for the efforts.
The lighthouse is painted yellow-orange only since 1966. Before it it was white with a red horizontal stripe.

lighthouse Hegranes
(works since 1936, 1986 electrified, height of building 9.6 m, height of fire 23 m, range of light white 15 sm - red 12 sm - green 12 sm, characteristic [LFl WRG 15s] one longer flash every fifteen seconds, int. No.: L 4644)
coordinates (GPS): 6546'11.6''N - 1932'32.1''W
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