lighthouse Skagatá

Lighthouse Skagatá (Skagatáarviti) in June 2008. It is located in the northeast of the peninsula of Skagi, in the north of Iceland. We drove around the peninsula via the road 745, a gravel road. The east share was considerably better practicable. Especially this peninsula is to us in memory, because at the same time with us two polar bears did their dreadful state of affairs in this area. Unfortunately, these had to pay their visit on Iceland with their lifes.
There stood earlier a steel lattice tower at the place of the current lighthouse. This old lighthouse was built in 1913. The lantern in the Norwegian style on the new lighthouse was taken over from the old tower.

(works since 1935, 1960 electrified, height of building 9.1 m, height of fire 18 m, range of light white 13 sm, characteristic [Fl W 10s] one flash every ten seconds, int. No.: L 4636)
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