lighthouse Dalatangi

Lighthouse Dalatangi (Dalatangaviti) in June 2008, our farewell pictures of Iceland. The lighthouse is located at the southern mouth of the Seydisfjörður in the east of Iceland and it is visible during the ferry's entry or departure.
On the Cape Dalatangi there were already several lighthouses, that of 1895 is still received and was restored (in the middle picture in the right). Then the second lighthouse was built in 1908, similarly the lighthouse Siglunesviti. A little house was attached to it in 1917, which contains the siren station and the engine room. In 1959 there followed an enlargement of the extension because a radio station was added and in the same year the lighthouse and the other building were painted yellow-orange.

old and new lighthouse Dalatangi
(works since 1908, height of building 9.5 m, height of fire 19 m, range of light white 14 sm, characteristic [Fl W 5s] one flash every five seconds, int. No.: L 4730)
lighthouse Dalatangi
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