lighthouse Naven

Lighthouse Naven in September 2008. It is situated on a little skerry island near the island of Kållandsö in the north of Lidköping, in Ekens Skärgård in the lake Vänern. There are ship cruises among the skerry garden in summer, with stop at the island with the lighthouse.
Journey: drive from Lidköping to the north into direction Läcko. At the island of Kållandsö, which is connected with the mainland by a hardly not noticeable bridge, take the first street to the left. Pass St. Marie Kapell, take the next street again to the left into direction Naven. There are about 2.5 km from there till the end of the street and to a little parking place. Follow the signs "Utsikt fyren" across the wild nature to the landig stage.

(works since 1856, height of building 8 m, height of fire 15 m, range of light white 13 sm, characteristic [LFl W 10s] one longer flash every ten seconds, int. No.: C 0415.45)
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