lighthouse Enebågsudde

Lighthouse Enebågsudde in September 2008. The lighthouse is located at the western side of the lake Vättern, on military ground, which is passable when the firing range isn't in operation. The lighthouse in the south of Karlsborg can be reached via street 195, turn off into direction of Brevik and drive on this road. Stop at the little cottage village directly at the lake. There is a sign with a map at the small road to the military ground. From here there are only some hundred metres to the building complex and some metres again to the lighthouse. Don't be frightened: There are often shooting practices take place all around the Vättern!

(height of building 7 m, height of fire 6 m, range of light white 8 sm - red 5 sm - green 4 sm, characteristic [Fl WRG 6s] one flash every six seconds, int. No.: C 6952.6)
coordinates (GPS): 5826'36.7''N - 1428'11.9''E
map Vänern/Vättern
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