lighthouse Hammarö Skage

Lighthouse Hammarö Skage in September 2008. It is located in the south of Karlstad on the island of Hammarön, deep in the south of the island. Pass the little village Takene till the road ends. The path to the lighthouse isn't signed very good and we went how we thought. The last metres of the path from the parking place are good and lead through the wood to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is out of work and in private hand. It is located on private ground, but nobody was here and so we could take pictures from the lighthouse all around. The side of the lighthouse which is to be seen from the lake and the lighthouse itselfes are a daymark and painted white.

lighthouse Hammarö Skage
(worked from 1872 till 1932, height of building 8 m)
coordinates (GPS): 5910'11.4''N - 1309'32.6''E
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