lighthouse Struten

Old and new lighthouses Struten in September 2008. During the automation of the lighthouse a new lighthouse with solar cells was erected in 1985. The foundation "Gamle Struten Fyr" looks after the old building of the lighthouse and also gets overnight stays since summer 1988. We took the picture during the ferry crossing.

lighthouse Struten
(old lighthouse: worked from 1907 till 1985, 1962 electrified, height of building 13.5 m, height of fire 20.7 m, range of light white 14.2 sm
new lighthouse: works since 1985, height of building 13 m, height of fire 18 m, range of light white 10 sm - red 7 sm - green 7 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 6s] one occultation (1s) every six seconds, int. No.: B 2284)
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