lighthouse Slåtterøy

Lighthouse Slåtterøy in May 2009. It is located on a little island just off the larger island of Gisøy, in the west of the bigger island of Stord, in the south of Bergen and can only be reached by boat. But it is visible from a place, which is accessible by car and by foot. South of the island of Stord turn off the E 39 into the street 542 into direction to the island of Bømlo and then to the Northwest into direction Gisøy. There are several islands and all of them are connected by bridges. There is a parking place at the island of Gisøy at the right side short after the bridge. Near of this parking place is the entry to a recreation and hiking area. The marked path isn't so good, we followed the electric cables across country untill there was the coast.
Since summer 2003 the lighthouse is unmanned, but overnight stays are possible. The lighthouse has the strongest light of Norway.

lighthouse Slåtterøy
(works since 1859, automated in 1980, height of building 25.1 m, height of fire 45 m, range of light white 18 sm, characteristic [Fl(2) W 30s] two flashes every thirty seconds, int. No.: B 3752)
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