lighthouse Cromwell Fort Point

Lighthouse Cromwell (Fort) Point in September 2010. It stands on Valentia Island in the County of Kerry. The upper picture was taken from the harbour of Knights Town. The lighthouse can't be visited, but it is possible to surround it by feet.
The light of the lighthouse was first lit on 1 February 1841, over a year before the whole establishment was completed. To this time the light was fixed white. During automation the light being altered to flashing red with a white sector clear of Harbour Rock. The sectors have been changed on 30 November 1995 to red for the sector of Harbour Rock and to white for the other.

lighthouse Cromwell Fort Point
(works since 01 February 1841, automated 04 November 1947, electrified 08 July 1966, height of building 15 m, height of fire 16 m, range of light white 17 sm - red 15 sm, characteristic [Fl WR  2s] one flash every two seconds, int. No.: A 6416)
[ 0.5 s - (1.5 s) ]
lighthouse Cromwell Fort Point
coordinates (GPS): 5156'01.9''N - 1019'16.3''W
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