lighthouse Sheep's Head

Lighthouse Sheep's Head (Muntervary) in September 2010. It marks the southern tip of the Bantry Bay in the County Cork. The lighthouse can be reached on a nature hiking trail, but it can't be visited.
The lighthouse was built in 1968 with the development of the oily terminal on Whiddy Island. Because of the remoteness and the lack of a road the building materials were lifted from Kilcrohan, 9 km away, to the building site by helicopter. 250 flights were necessary. The red sector of the lighthouse is warning of the submerged South Bullig rocks, off Three Castle Head to the South.

lighthouse Sheep's Head
(works since 14 October 1968, height of building 7 m, height of fire 83 m, range of light white 18 sm - red 15 sm, characteristic [Fl (3) WR  15s] three flashes every fifteen seconds, int. No.: A 6432)
[ 1 s - (1.5 s) - 1 s - (1.5 s) - 1 s - (9 s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 5132'34.2''N - 0950'54.5''W
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