lighthouse Loop Head

Lighthouse Loop Head in September 2010. The lighthouse marks the northern side of the mouth of the Shannon River, the longest river in Ireland, into the Atlantic Ocean. It stands in the Southwest of the long Loop Head Peninsula in County Clare.
The first lighthouse at this place has been since 1670, a coal burning fire on a cottage with a platform on top. In 1802 the cottage was replaced with a white lighthouse tower. But soon the light wasn't bright enough, so in 1854 a new lighthouse was established. It operated as a continuous light, 15 years later an intermittent light replaced it.

lighthouse Loop Head
(works since 01 May 1854, electrified 1971, automated January 1991, height of building 23 m, height of fire 84 m, range of light white 23 sm, characteristic [Fl (4) W 20s] four flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: A 6338)
[ 0.1 s - (2.4 s) - 0.1 s - (2.4 s) - 0.1 s - (2.4 s) - 0.1s - (12.4 s) ]
coordinates (GPS): 5233'39.6''N - 0955'51.5''W
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