lighthouse Scattery Island

Lighthouse Scattery Island in September 2010. It is located on the small island with the same name offshore the town of Kilrush, in the Shannon River. We took the pictures from the shoal in the South of Kilrush. In summer a tourist ferry connects Kilrush with the island.
The first light on this island was established at 1 September 1824. This framework tower was destroyed at 29 October 1868. In 1872 the current lighthouse was built. It guides the vessels through the near shipping channel between the island and the Rinanna-Shoal at the south side of the river. In 2002 a new solar powered electric light was established. The old lantern is visible in Scattery Islands Visitors Centre.

lighthouse Scattery Island
(works since 1 December 1872, automated 5 January 1933, electrified 16 September 2002, height of building 12 m, height of fire 15 m, range of light white 10 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 8s] two flashes every eight seconds, int. No.: A 6342)
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