lighthouse Långe Jan

Lighthouse "Långe Jan" at the south head (södra udde) of the Swedish island of Öland in August 1995. Beautiful view over the Kalmarsund and the Baltic sea (picture below - a great part is a bird reservat). Sweden's tallest lighthouse.

view from lighthouse Långe Jan
(works since 1871 - from 1980 automated, height of tower 42 m,
height of fire 41 m, range of light 26 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 30s] two flashes every thirty seconds,
height of fire 19 m, range of light white 19 sm - red 15 sm - green 14 sm, characteristic [F WRG] fixed light,
1948 electrified, int. No.: C 7280)
(From here is our family mascot: Rudi)
lighthouse Långe Jan 2003

At the visit in September 2003 we had to notice that the lighthouse is in bad order. There is nothing done for the care of the tower apparently. Here at the southern tip of Öland is now widespread interest for birds only.

coordinates (GPS): 5611'45.5''N - 1623'54.8''E
map Öland and surroundings
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