lighthouse Blåvandshuk

Lighthouse Blåvandshuk in Denmark in April 2006. The lighthouse is opened for visitors every day from 10 o'clock p.m. till 4 o'clock a.m. There is an exhibition about the coast region in the buildings of the lighthouse. From the lighthouse you have a wonderful 360-degrees-panorama.
Blåvandshuk is Denmarks most westerly point. The current lighthouse building is the successor of a building which was built in 1888.

(works since 1900, height of building 39 m, height of fire 55 m, range of light 22 sm, characteristic [Fl (3) W 20s] three flashes every twenty seconds, int. No.: B 1848)
[ 0.2s - (3.8s) - 0.2s - (3.8s) - 0.2s - (11.8s) ]
lighthouse Blåvandshuk from the beach

Lighthouse Blåvandshuk in April 2006 from a dune on the beach.


at a stamp
from 1996.
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