lighthouse Bovbjerg

Lighthouse Bovbjerg in Denmark in May 2000. We had to wait three days to make these photos because of dense fog. This lighthouse is red painted to not mistake for one of the many white churches around. This lighthouse is open to climb 93 steps to the top.

lighthouse Bovbjerg
(works since 1877, height of building 26 m, height of fire 62 m, range of light 16 sm, characteristic [Fl (2) W 15s] two flashes every fifteen seconds, int. No.: B 1886)
lighthouse Bovbjerg in the middle of buttercups

Lighthouse Bovbjerg in May 2000 in the middle of a meadow with thousands of buttercups.


at a stamp
from 1996.
coordinates (GPS) : 5630'47.5''N - 0807'12.8''E
map Jutland
map Denmark