lighthouse Spodsbjerg

Lighthouse Spodsbjerg in April 2001. It lies at the northern edge of the town Hundested. It marks the entry to the Isefjord at the eastern side. The lighthouse is open to the public in the summer (25 steps to climb). Closed by the lighthouse is the house where the Danish polar explorer Knud Rasmussen lived between his many expeditions to Greenland. This house is now a museum to remember him.

lighthouse Spodsbjerg
(works since 1907, height of tower 9 m, height of fire 40 m, range of light white 18 sm - red 11 sm - green 11 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 5s] one occultation every five seconds, int. No.: C 0226)
[ 4s - (1s) ]

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