lighthouse Omø

Lighthouse Omø (Langelandsøre) in April 2001. The island can be reached by a little ferry from Stigsnæs. A contemplative ferry over, while passing the island of Agersø and the lighthouse Helleholm very closed. From the ferry port on the island of Omø to the lighthouse it needs by walking at a normal speed less than an hour. The lighthouse is open to the public. From there is a wonderful view to the island of Langeland. The lighthouse Hov can be seen through a telescope.

lighthouse Omø
(works since 1894, height of tower 22 m, height of fire 21 m, range of light white 18 sm - red 13 sm - green 13 sm, characteristic [Oc (2) WRG 12s] two occultations every twelve seconds, int. No.: C 1640)
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