lighthouse Kegnæs

Lighthouse Kegnæs in August 2001. This very nice tower stands on the peninsula with the same name, on a small hill directly behind the road, which connects Kegnæs and Als. The tower is open to climb the 65 steps to the top. From there you have a good view over Flensburger Förde with lighthouse Kalkgrund.

lighthouse Kegnæs
(works since 1896, height of tower 18 m, height of fire 32 m, range of light white 12 sm - red 9 sm - green 9 sm, characteristic [Oc WRG 5s] one occultation every five seconds, int. No.: C 1104)
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view from lighthouse Kegnæs

View from lighthouse Kegnæs to the road which connects the island of Als and the peninsula of Kegnæs.

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