lighthouse Bülk

Lighthouse Bülk in August 2001 (upper picture). The tower is open for everyone. There are 96 steps to came to the top, from where a wonderful view over Baltic sea, Kieler Förde and lighthouse Kiel.
The lower photo we took in March 2004.

lighthouse Bülk
(direction and cross light, works since 1865 - from 1970 automated, height of tower 25 m, height of fire 29 m, range of light white 14 sm - red 11 sm - green 10 sm, characteristic [Fl WRG 3s] one flash (0.7s) every three seconds, int. No.: C 1216)
coordinates (GPS) : 5427'18.8''N - 1011'51.4''E
map Schleswig-Holstein (Baltic Sea)
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