lighthouse Ranzow

Lighthouse Ranzow on Rügen island in October 2001. On the way along the steep bank from Lohme to the Königstuhl ("kings chair" - a chalk rock) you pass close to the little iron tower. This tower was built by the firm Pintsch and has an identically constructed neighbour, at Kollicker Ort, some kilometres to the south west. The tower was removed in 2002. In October 2003 began the rebuilding in Arkona as part of an exhibition.

lighthouse Ranzow
(leading light, worked from April 1st 1905 till October 1st 1999 - from 1978 automated, height of tower 6 m, height of fire 55 m, range of light white 14 sm, characteristic [Fl W 5s] one flash every five seconds, 1936 electrified, int. No.: C 2594)
lighthouse Ranzow at its new place in Arkona
coordinates of the new place (GPS): 5440'49.5''N - 1325'55.8''E
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