rear light Altenbruch / Baumrönne

The rear light Altenbruch (here in March 2002) is both rear lights: together with the front light Baumrönne it marks the way upstream the river Elbe and together with the front light Altenbruch it leads the ships down the river.

(rear light, works since 1971, height of building 59 m,
rear light to Baumrönne: height of fire 58 m, range of light white 21 sm, characteristic [Iso W 4s] two seconds light - two seconds dark,
rear light to Altenbruch: height of fire 51 m, range of light white 22 sm, characteristic [Iso W 8s] four seconds light - four seconds dark,
int. No.: B 1361)
map river Elbe
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