rear light Balje

Rear light Balje in March 2002. The old lighthouse Balje stands close nearby (picture below).

rear light and old lighthouse Balje
(rear range, works since December 1980, height of building 56 m, height of fire 54 m, range of light white 21 sm, characteristic [Iso W 8s] four seconds light - four seconds dark, int. No.: B 1412.1)
(front range, height of fire 24 m, range of light white 17 sm, characteristic [Iso W 8s] four seconds light - four seconds dark, int. No.: B 1412)
front light Balje

The front range of the leading lights Balje stands far away in the river Elbe. There is a distance to the rear range of 2.5 kilometres. The leading lights Balje shows the way upstream.

map river Elbe
map Germany