lighthouse Lista

Lighthouse Lista in July 2002. The tower is open for visitors, 137 steps to come to the gallery with a wonderful view (third picture). The little pier light Brekneholmen is well visible from here.

lighthouse Lista
(lighthouse, works since 1853, height of tower 34 m, height of fire 39.5 m, range of light white 17.5 sm, characteristic [Fl W 4s] one flash every four seconds, int. No.: B 3112)
view from lighthouse Lista

This picture we took in June 2005 from the ferry to Bergen.

lighthouse Lista from the ferry to Bergen

From 1853 till 1872 the place was a rarity: to distinguish the lighthouse from each other, two more lighthouses were built in 1853. After 1872 new blinking apparatuses allowing the light to recognizably different. Two towers were removed, there fundaments are still visible today.

Lista from 1853 till 1872
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