front light Bock

Front light Bock in June 2003. It stands at the south shore of the island of Bock, a small island easterly from the peninsula Darß/Zingst. It is good visible from the mainland, from the port of Barhöft. The complement rear range, which is also front range for the rear light Zarrenzin, (we don't watch it from Barhöft) stands at the north shore of the island of Bock, about 700 metres away from the front light. This leading lights mark the western way from Stralsund to the open sea. In the picture below the island of Hiddensee with the lighthouse Dornbusch is visible.

front light Bock
(front light, works since 1940, height of building 13 m, height of fire 12 m, range of light 13 sm, characteristic [Oc W 6s] one occultation (1 s) every six seconds, int. No.: C 2575.9)

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