lighthouse Dueodde

Lighthouse Dueodde in September 2003. The hexagonal tower of steel-beton is the only one lighthouse at Bornholm, which is open for visitors. After 196 steps a nice view over the dunes and the Baltic Sea is possible.

lighthouse Dueodde
(lighthouse, works since August 15th 1962, 1977 automated, height of building 47 m, height of fire 48.5 m, range of light 20 sm, characteristic [Fl(3) W 10s] three flashes every ten seconds, int. No.: C 2550)
[ 0.5 - (1.25s) - 0.5s - (1.25s) - 0.5s - (6s) ]
coordinates (GPS) : 5459'30.2''N - 1504'27.8''E
lighthouse Dueodde

Lighthouse Dueodde, to the right side the top of th old lighthouse Dueodde South is visible in the middle of the pine forest. This picture was taken from the beach.

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